Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Support of Friends

Qui esset tantus fructus in prosperis rebus, nisi haberes, qui illis aeque ac tu ipse gauderet?

How great would be the enjoyment in good good times if you did not have people who would rejoice in them as much as you do?  Cicero, De Amicitia 22

On November 11, 2013, the Indianapolis City Council held its regular meeting.  It began with honoring various community members, including fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers Rod Bradway and Timothy Day.  It was Veterans' Day, and that I was to be honored following these brave men was already a humbling thought.  I had been asked to join the meeting as the council presented a resolution recognizing me as the 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year.  I was glad to see the council also honoring Lauren Kniola, one of the top ten finalists for INTOY.

I was prepared for the resolution of the council, but I was taken off guard by the proclamation of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard that November 13, 2013, should be known as Steven Perkins day across the city.  The proclamation was eloquently written and handsomely presented.  To say I was honored, and humbled still further, would be an understatement.

This moment was enhanced for me by the presence of family and friends.  My wife and our two children were there, as was Suzanne Whitton, the 2013 INTOY.  My superintendent, Dr. Nikki Woodson, and Mr. Don Kite, a member of our school board were there, along with Mrs. Tymika Payne, one of our assistant principals.  I knew my family would attend, but I had no idea the others would be there.

Since I was named my school's and my district's teacher of the year in May and on through the adventure of being named INTOY, I have received the most wonderful support from my colleagues, administrators, and school board.  Their enthusiasm and excitement has meant everything.  All teachers should know this kind of support.  It has affirmed me in my work and made me even proud than before to be a teacher in Indiana.  I am proud of my school, my district, and my state.  I want to do my best to represent them well.  This has always been true, but the feeling of it has become more focused in the light of the genuine support I have received.  Cicero is once again proved right.


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