Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rockin' Advanced Science

I continued my visits of Hoosier schools on Friday, December 6, by stopping in on Eric Rauch's A.P. Biology class at Westfield High School.  I was joined by Director of Career Connections at the Indiana University School of Education, Andy Bosk, and by my good friend, colleague, and thinking partner in all things educational, Jeremy Moore of North Central High School.  Where do I begin?

Mr. Rauch leads the class in a discussion before they start their lab.
Mr. Rauch started the class with a high-energy discussion to precede lab work, and at once it was clear we were in no ordinary class.  The students asked deep, meaningful questions, and within a few more minutes it became clear why.  They were embarking on lab work of their own design.  Their questions were inspired by things they truly wanted to know.

 And what did Mr. Rauch do during all this?  In addition to sharing enthusiastically the activities of his students (he was more a proud parent than a detached instructor), he made himself available to his students as a resource.

He did not need to hover over these students, micromanaging their every move.  He had already instructed them in what they needed, created an atmosphere of self-motivated learning, and was then able to observe and participate as the students needed.

The Westfield mascot is the shamrock, or the Rocks, as they like to be called.  It was clear to all of us that these students are already rockin' the world of science.  I can't wait to see what they will do next!

With me, L to R:  Jeremy Moore, Eric Rauch, Andy Bosk
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