Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blackhawks Soaring

My visits to Indiana schools continued on Friday, December 6, with a stop at Sheridan Elementary School.  With me were Andy Bosk, Director of Career Connections at Indiana University School of Education, and Jeremy Moore, my good friend, North Central High School colleague, and thinking partner in all things educational. Our plan was to visit the second grade class of Nikki Davis, and we did, but we experienced so much more.

With me, L to R: Supt. Dr. Dave Mundy, Andy Bosk, Jeremy Moore, Principal Dean Welbaum, Nikki Davis

We were greeted by Dr. Dave Mundy, Sheridan Superintendent, who happened to be in the building; Mr. Dean Welbaum, SES principal; and Ms. Davis.  Naturally, we wanted a picture, and there was no one better to take it than one of our tour guides, 4th grader Brent and 5th grader Hannah.

With our tour guides Brent and Hannah

We were not expecting such hospitality!  These two extraordinary young people took us on a tour of their school, pointing out special areas and evidence of all the life and creativity that take place within the home of the Blackhawks.

We also had the opportunity to see the breadth of this great school district as French students from the high school led some of the students in an exploration of what Christmas means in France.

When we finally made it to Ms. Davis's class, we were in for the highlight of the day.  Her students were among the most enthusiastic learners I have ever seen, eager both to answer her questions and to involve us in their learning.

2nd graders show us their geoboards.

"Call me!  I know the answer!"

I am sometimes asked what I would teach if I could teach something other than Latin.  Usually that is a difficult question, for there is not much I enjoy more than the language and culture of the ancient Romans.  Yet if you had asked me that question on Friday, I think I would said I would like to teach at an elementary school.  The life, the enthusiasm, the curiosity, the desire to learn...this is the true heart of education.

One young man asked me to listen to him read one of his favorite books.  It was about wolves.

Students explain to me what is about to happen in their reading time.
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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my son while he read to you...I am so pleased that he was eager to share his talents with you! I teach at Sheridan High School and am always proud to be a Blackhawk, but especially in moments like this!

  2. Jill, thank you so much for sharing your comments. Your son is such a good reader! Not only did he read well out loud, but he clearly knew and understood what he was read. He was eager to share all kinds of details about wolves. It was a true pleasure to be at his school.


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