Thursday, January 15, 2015

National Teacher of the Year Finalist

Dr. Scott Hanback, TSC Superintendent
Al Remaly, Harrison HS Principal

Today, January 14, 2015, Kathy Nimmer was announced as a finalist for 2015 National Teacher of the Year.  Kathy is only the fourth teacher in Indiana's history to attain such an honor, following Dan Durbin (1996), Francis Mustapha (1994), and Sue Talbot (1978).  She will now join Ann Marie Corgill (Alabama), Catherine Caine (Hawaii), and Shanna Peeples (Texas) in the competition for National Teacher of the Year, with the winner being announced at the White House later this spring.  Read about all the finalists here.

Kathy's former student
State Superintendent Glenda Ritz

So what does this mean for Kathy?  Take a look at 2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb's blog for pictures, stories, and video of the amazing journey that, for him, has only just started.

What does this mean for Indiana?  Kathy's selection as an NTOY finalist shines a light on her state.  More than ever, those interested in education will look at Indiana to see what sort of state has created a teaching environment in which a master practitioner like Kathy could flourish.  Are there areas for all those involved in the grand mosaic of education to improve?  Of course.  Are there areas that are hidden treasures, practices and opportunities that others would benefit from seeing and knowing?  Without a doubt, and it is here that Kathy's light will shine to the greatest effect, for as people outside the Hoosier state begin to look more closely at what we are doing from the shores of Lake Michigan to the banks of the Ohio River, they will see extraordinary teachers leading this generation on the shared journey of discovery toward the fulfillment of their place in the grand human story.

INTOY Coordinator Sarah Pies, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, 2014 INTOY Steve Perkins, 2015 INTOY Kathy Nimmer, 2013 INTOY Suzanne Whitton, 2005 INTOY Molly Seward

What does this mean for me?  It means that I may need someone to calm me down, because I am over-the-moon excited!  I am thrilled for my friend to receive this incredible honor, and I cannot wait for the rest of the country to see just what kind of amazing teacher-leaders are serving the children and communities of Indiana.

Scott Hanback, Glenda Ritz, Kathy Nimmer, Al Remaly, Elias (2015 Dog of the Year)

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  1. Steve, I hope that Kathy realizes she is a hero to the visually impaired. Today I meet with my vision specialists and when I tell them this news they are going to be so excited.


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